Production Technology

Within asphalt basis, we produce different kinds of asphalt mixtures of attested quality,

in accordance with the needs and requests of the investor. Preparation of production process is performed at least one day before start of production, based on earlier contracted amounts and dynamics of works. This plant contains a central heating serving for heating of complete bitumen installation (bitumen storage silos, bitumen beam scale, complete installation for bitumen to be moved, plant for unloading of bitumen). Bitumen is heated at 150-160°C. Stone aggregates are dosed with the loader into the pre-dispensers where from they are descend to the drier to be heated to the temperature up to 215°C. Further, those stone aggregates from the drier are transported with a hot elevator to the sieve which sieves aggregates and the last are transported to the hot bunkers, separated per fractions. Specified recipe per which 3 beam scales are filled (beam scale of stone aggregates, beam scale of fillers and beam scale of bitumen) is to be inserted into computer, after which are transported to the mixer and are to be mixed. Time of mixing should be assigned on the computer and upon termination of predicted time, finished asphalt mass is obtained and transported to the place of building.