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Since the foundation, we have been recording constant growth and expansion of our technical capacities. The milestone of our business and the largest investment of our company was in 2008 when we procured and initiated the production on a modern asphalt plant of Wibau type. In addition to the asphalt production plant, we are equipped with numerous mechanisation and additional resources for work, which we maintain ourselves owing to our expert staff and equipped overhaul workshop. We own various types of machines for all types of construction works such as crawler excavators, wheel excavators, combination machines, bulldozers, graders, compactors, vibratory rollers, compressors, as well as machines for performing asphalt works, which include asphalt milling machines, emulsion sprayers, and several sets for asphalt installation. In addition, we own numerous transport vehicles such as tipper trucks, road trucks, tow trucks, and all types of trailers. We also have at our disposal all the necessary equipment for performing hydraulic construction works including sludge pumps, supports, needle filters, and various types of mobile generators.