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Put-invest is a company that has three decades of successful operations in the fields of construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of highways, national roads of the Class I and II, and urban roads. From its founding, the company has been focused on the works in the field of civil engineering construction, and we can rightfully say that we are one of the leading companies in this field on the territory of Vojvodina. For many years, apart from civil engineering construction, we have been dealing with works in the field of hydro-construction, as evidenced by numerous references and satisfied investors.

In the previous period, we have constructed more than five hundred kilometers of road networks, landscaped over two hundred thousand square meters of both public and privately owned land, and ranked at the very top of successful builders. At the same time, we have implemented a number of hydro-construction facilities and constructed more than sixty kilometers of water supply and sewage networks, with accompanying water treatment and management facilities.

We have managed to maintain our recognizable quality and work efficiency, which makes us a reliable partner in the implementation of the most important projects. Modernization was and is the key word of our business, directing us towards the constant commitment to development, business improvement, and enhancement of financial results, as evidenced by numerous investments in the machinery and equipment of renowned manufacturers, as well as a constant growth of the number of employees. Owing to that, we now employ more than 200 workers with whom we managed to form a team of experts consisting of licensed graduate engineers of various professions, graduate economists, managers that manage the company, and most importantly – a qualified workforce.

In accordance with our primary activity, Put-invest owns a modern asphalt base plant near Novi Sad. Owning asphalt production ensures uninterrupted supply of construction sites with asphalt mixtures during the implementation of the most complex projects, which is essential for the quality of the roadway structure. Additionally, we have a successful cooperation with accredited institutions that monitor and control our production process. Apart from the asphalt base, we own a complete machinery and equipment of renowned manufacturers for performing all construction works in the fields of civil engineering construction and hydro-construction.

Since its founding, the company has been 100% privately owned, with a constant positive balance and liquidity, with an impressive list of completed projects and satisfied investors.

We have obtained the Decision of the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure No. I131G2 for working on highways, main and regional roads, and we do our business in accordance with international standards ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, and 50001.
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